1. Do I set up an appointment with my adjuster/ insurance first?

No. We can handle all of this once you get your car to our shop or have it towed. We kindly ask for you to sign our release form in order to expedite the process for the adjuster to visit.

2. Can I get a rental car?

Most people do. Your insurance coverage may allow for rental reimbursement or they may have a direct relationship with a car rental agency. You must let the rental agency know that this is a rental for a car accident so you can receive the lower rate.

3. How long does it take to get my car back?

This depends on several factors: Your insurance coverage (full or liability only)- if liability only and you were not at fault for yor damage, the other party must come to assess damage and then assign risk. Typically this is done after they review the police report. This may take some time and will require monitoring to make sure they expedite the process. It can also vary if there is a delay in obtaining the police report and forwarding it to the correct department.

4. Will my car look the same?

We strive to make sure your car looks factory new- our expert color matching, paint application and compounding ensure that you will barely notice any damage repaired and that your car will be running perfectly well and will be safe to drive.

Recent Posts

July 24

What do I do if I'm in an accident?

Firstly, try to stay calm. Are you injured? If so, make sure to call 911 to seek help. Try to determine if your car is currently safe. Is there smoke or fluid leaking? Do you smell gas? If the car is running, be sure to turn it off...

July 18

The importance of car maintenance

Properly inflated tires, adequate fluid levels for coolant, brake fluid, power steering- these are all vital components to ensure your car runs the way it is intended to. If your car overheats, it can leave you stranded or force you to drive and cause more damage to the vehicle or place you at risk when driving high speeds...

July 14

Protecting your cars paint

We all want to keep our cars looking good. Most people don't think about how little work it is to keep your car looking shiny and new. Most detailers recommend a car wash ~ 2 weeks or sooner if the car is dirty. Bird droppings are very damaging to car paint, as is rock salt in the winter. A good clay bar treatment, paint sealant and wax will keep your paint from UV damage and oxidation...


The risks of vinyl wraps

It pays to know what can happen.

Vinyl wraps are occassionally used for giving a custom look without the expense of painting. They are also used for advertising or for commercial vehicles. Many don't realize there are risks and trade-offs to the type of car modification. It is a shame to wrap a newer car in vinyl due to the lack of breathability afforded to the car paint. Car paint simply needs to breathe. Vinyl wrap does not allow this.

As a result, when the wrap is removed, the car paint may look uneven, the clear coat may have bubbled or may be peeling and the general color coat may not consistent in appearance.